Even When Testing Options Seem Nonexistent, there are Reputable and Reliable Options. - Simple Ready

Even When Testing Options Seem Nonexistent, there are Reputable and Reliable Options.

Anyone who has tried to purchase a COVID-19 test at a Walgreens or CVS recently has felt the shortage. Once reliable urgent-care clinics have increased result times from one hour to as much as 72 hours and appointments are hard to come by.

These two facts explain the lines of shivering people snaking around blocks over the last two weeks. COVID testing clinics have popped up in unleased storefronts in every neighborhood in the city. Yet patients who have visited these clinics have very little good to say about it. A story int yesterday’s Block Club Chicago described filthy testing conditions, chaotic operations, and results that took weeks to be delivered if they ever made it all.

The story paints a picture of operators doing a terrible job while making bank! A result delivered two weeks late may be worthless to the patient, but insurance companies and the Government still pay handsomely. The standard HRSA reimbursement for PCR test is $75 if its late (more than 48 hours) and $100 if it’s on time. The company showcased in the story, Center for Covid Control, processed thousands of tests per day. The founder bragged online about buying a Lamborghini “because COVID, bro!” (I paraphrase, but barely). In similar fashion, the company’s “click for more information” link on negative test results sent users to a Google search for the word “negative”. Helpful to those who confuse the word negative with “You’ve won a trip to the Bahamas,” but irritating to everyone else.

I may have digressed. Did I digress?

The important thing to recognize is that in the midst of this wild-west land-grab, there are quality alternatives. Respected operators like Simple Ready have staff, laboratory capacity, and supplies available now. We will send trained phlebotomists wherever a company requires. collect samples from all the employees who want or need them, process many of them through insurance, deliver PCR results next day, and rapid results within 30 minutes. We are experienced, clean, compliant, and available.

Furthermore, Simple Ready will begin opening its own walk-in testing locations before the end of the month. These locations will be staffed by our trained employees, use state-of-the-art technology to walk patients through the journey of registration, insurance, diagnosis, and results. We will offer comfortable and clean locations for collecting and allow for advance scheduling ensuring short lines that move fast.

Finally, Simple Ready can ship PCR tests directly to patients’ homes or offices. Self-collection is easy, painless, and doesn’t require a swab. It uses the same technology that is used in our walk-in locations. And samples can be shipped back via overnight FedEx or dropped off at one of our locations. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s reliable.

So, in the words of the President, “it’s going to be OK.” Use good judgement, if a place looks shady, it probably is, and look to Simple Ready to solve your COVID management issues.